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Ep. 6: Standing Out and Fitting In: The Law Student Summer Experience – Part Three: The Recruiter Perspective


In the final installment of our multi-part series on the law student summer experience, we’re sharing the perspectives of law firm recruiters from three different sectors: Small, Medium, and Big Law. Does the summer experience differ depending on firm-size? What size firm is the best fit for you? How can you stand out in the application and interview process? We explore these questions and more with three attorneys who recruit and manage their firms summer associate programs.

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Produced by Lynz Floren and Melissa Algaze, with assistance from Shawn Talley, Aaron Estrada, and Vanessa Villagomez.

Guests (in order of appearance):

Amy Kapner, Attorney, Feinberg Mindel Brandt & Klein, LLP -


Amy Stallard Kapner joined FMBK as a summer associate in 2011. She is now one of the heads of the FMBK Summer Associate Program, and enjoys selecting and mentoring law students and younger FMBK associates. Amy has represented both male and female clients in complex cases involving contested custody, including long distance move-aways, and sophisticated financial issues such as unconventional spousal support awards, business valuations and enforcement of financial orders. While she is at ease in the courtroom, Amy has successfully settled the vast majority of her cases. For more information on FMBK’s Summer Associate Program:


Kendra Thomas - Thomas Law Firm


Attorney Kendra Thomas is a Certified Family Law Specialist serving clients in the Southern California area at Thomas Law Offices, in Woodland Hills and in Newport Beach, CA. Thomas Law Offices is a values-driven law firm, guided by principles of excellence, leadership, and citizenship. Kendra also serves on LACBA’s Board of Trustees.


Michael L. Turrill - Partner, Litigation, Hogan Lovells

Michael TurrillMichael Turrill defends clients facing class actions and commercial disputes, particularly in the consumer, real estate, financial services, energy, and entertainment industries. His clients include large and small companies based throughout the United States and around the world. Michael is also the Recruiting Partner for Hogan’s Summer Associate program. For more information on Hogan Lovells Summer Associate Program:


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