Protect Your Billing and Hard Work!

Whether you are an experienced attorney or new to the field, use of the "Notice of Client's Right to Arbitration" is an informal way to resolve a fee dispute with a client.

The form, which is prescribed by the State Bar of California Board of Governors, spells out the client’s rights in resolving fee disputes pursuant to Business and Professions Code 6201. Service of the “Notice” must be in a manner that confirms receipt of the form by the client either prior to or at the commencement of any action or other proceeding. Please be aware that you must use the State Bar’s form; the language of the notice on letterhead, in the retainer agreement or through email is not acceptable. Once properly served, the client has thirty days from the date of receipt of the notice to request arbitration. Failure to initiate the arbitration process within the time limit is deemed a waiver of the right to arbitration.

The process of arbitration can take about four to six months to complete. It may take longer in cases that involve a large amount in dispute or if several parties involved. You can get the form anytime on the ACMAS page or by clicking the following link: or by calling the Attorney Client Mediation and Arbitration Services at (213) 896-6426.