Apply today by completing the Committee Membership Application online form! Deadline to apply is April 30.

    Are you passionate about making a difference in a particular area of law or law related issue? Serving on a LACBA committee is an opportunity to make a difference in the legal profession and practice of law by addressing issues and challenges facing attorneys and the community today.

    LACBA members who wish to be considered for appointment to one or more committee(s) for 2020-21 are encouraged to submit the online application form.

    Important information relating to Committee Appointments:

    • Committee participation is a benefit of LACBA membership and therefore only LACBA members can be considered for appointment.
    • The committee chair reviews all applications and recommends nominees to the LACBA incoming President. 
    • All terms begin on July 1, 2020, and end on June 30, 2021 (except for JAC, JEEC, and SAJEC).  
    • Committee appointment recommendation requests received after 2020-21 appointments have been completed will be considered in the following bar year, except for mid-term vacancy replacements and requests made by committee chairs.

    To learn more about LACBA Committees open for appointment, below you will find a brief description of each advisory and standing committee.

    Advisory Committees

    Attorney-Client Mediation and Arbitration Services
    As part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, they oversee arbitrations and mediations of attorney-client fee disputes pursuant to Business and Professions Code Sections 6200-6208, as well as other fee disputes initiated by attorneys against clients, or attorneys against attorneys. Develops policy, rules, procedures, and forms. The vice chairs decide jurisdiction and other issues, and serve as a resource for arbitrators and parties.

    *Candidates must meet specific requirements in order to serve in this Committee. Email for more information.

    Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments

    Concerned with criminal law practice and procedures, works with judges to improve state court criminal procedures, and educates lawyers in criminal practice, oversees the 987.2 panel in Central District Superior Court.

    Lawyer Referral Service Advisory
    Recommends policy and reviews compliance with State Bar regulations for LACBA’s LRS (designed to assist the public with obtaining responsible counsel and providing information through SmartLaw services). Various subcommittees provide guidance and direction on qualifications, peer review, program review, public relations, and outreach.

    Los Angeles Lawyer Editorial Board

    Responsible for the editorial policies of Los Angeles Lawyer, soliciting authors, and editing articles.

    Standing Committees

    Access to Justice

    Develops and implements activities designed to 1) maximize the delivery of legal services to the poor and moderate-income individuals in Los Angeles County, and 2) encourage attorneys to provide free legal services to persons of limited means, directly or through one or more of LACBA’s pro bono public service projects, including Domestic Violence Legal Services, Veterans Legal Services, Immigration Legal Services, AIDS Legal Services, and Civic Mediation, which are supported by LACBA Counsel for Justice.

    Adequate State Court Funding and Operations

    Determines how LACBA can best support efforts to keep courtrooms in the California State court system generally, and the Los Angeles County Superior Court in particular, open and functioning adequately despite State court budget reductions.

    Amicus Briefs

    LACBA's Amicus Briefs Committee reviews proposals for the briefs, makes recommendations to the Trustees on whether the Los Angeles County Bar Association should participate in such briefs, and provides comments on the substance of briefs LACBA files.

    Armed Forces

    LACBA's Armed Forces Committee is a means to provide pro bono legal assistance to Veterans, a network for lawyers who have military experience, and the opportunity to coordinate with existing legal service and other nonprofit organizations by developing programs to support and complement each other's efforts.

    Delegation to the Conference of Delegates

    Directs the study of resolutions proposed to the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations and leads the LACBA delegation at the annual statewide conference.

    Diversity in the Profession

    Dedicated to facilitating full and equal participation in the legal profession by members of communities that historically have been underrepresented, including, but not limited to racial and ethnic minorities, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people, the differently-abled and women. Focused on increasing the number of these attorneys and committed to promoting the advancement and retention of these attorneys in all areas of the legal profession.

    Joint LACBA-LACMA Committee on Biomedical Ethics

    Studies issues of biomedical ethics involved in the treatment of patients and recommends guidelines or other approaches to dealing with such problems.

    Judicial Appointments

    Responds to governor's requests to evaluate individuals under consideration for appointment to the Superior Court bench.

    Judicial Elections Evaluation

    Prepares an evaluation of candidates in contested Superior Court judicial elections in Los Angeles County; makes evaluations by interviewing candidates and communicating with lawyers, judges, and others; publishes ratings of candidates.

    President's Advisory Committee on Women in the Legal Profession

    • Dedicates its time and energy to promote the full participation of women lawyers in the legal profession. • Supports women in both their professional and personal growth from entry-level to partnership or general counsel. • Advises on issues related to the careers and advancement of women in the practice of law in Los Angeles. • Considers matters and engages in activities related to the overall status of women in the legal professions. • Monitors existing conditions and trends, conducts special programs and makes recommendations that aid in the achievement of its goals, including but not limited to, gender pay equity and retention of women in the legal profession. • Coordinates its efforts with the committee on Diversity in the Legal Profession, and other appropriate committees and affiliated associations.

    Professional Responsibility and Ethics

    Prepares written opinions and responses to questions concerning lawyers' ethical duties and responsibilities. Reviews and comments upon proposed State Bar ethics opinions and proposed amendments to ethics rules. Monitors and comments upon legislation and proposals concerning professional responsibility and conduct. Also proposes amendments to rules of professional responsibility, and sponsors and assists other committees in providing MCLE programs on professional responsibility.

    State Appellate Judicial Evaluation

    The committee evaluates persons whose names are submitted by the Governor for possible nomination to the California Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, particularly the Second Appellate District. When requested by the Board of Trustees, the committee also evaluates candidates for any appellate court.

    Apply today by completing the Committee Membership Application online form! Deadline to apply is April 30.

    If you have any comments and/or questions, please send them to or call (213) 896-6518.