LACBA’s Veterans Legal Services Project thanks

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for their Gold Sponsorship of the Who Are You Remembering Campaign.

This effort supports VLSP’s delivery of free legal aid to hundreds of current and former military members, annually, to improve access to employment, housing, education, and healthcare.

May ~ Military Appreciation Month ~ Memorial Day 
Who Are You Remembering…?

This May, join the LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project, LACBA, and Counsel for Justice in honoring the memory of our nation’s fallen heroes, by making a donation to support free legal assistance to current and former military members who are still here.

Veterans’ Access to Free Legal Aid Makes a Difference

Every year, hundreds of veterans who are homeless, at risk for homelessness, unemployed or underemployed seek help from VLSP in removing access barriers to housing, employment, healthcare, and education. Through providing free legal services, VLSP helps veterans on the path to sufficiency and stabilization. However, funding these programs during the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging, and we need your help to continue to provide these services to the veteran community.

We need your help!

Every day in May, the Veterans Project will run the Who Are Your Remembering campaign honoring the lives and memories of our nation’s fallen veterans. As part of these efforts, we are seeking sponsors for each of the 31 days. We have two levels of sponsorship to choose from, Silver and Gold, reflecting varying levels of recognition on our daily social media campaign, LACBA’s website, Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, and LA Business Journal. 

Together we can give back to the people, like Marqueta, who have given so much for this nation. Here are our links to our campaign flyer, sponsorship form, and details about the Veterans Project programs. If you have questions, please contact Hazel Gaitan at 213.896.6417 or 

If you cannot sponsor but would like to support the campaign by making a donation, click here.  


Thank you to our Gold Sponsors:

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Thank you to our Silver Sponsors:

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