Things Have Changed!


Imagine this. You're at home after a long day of work, relaxing in front of the television, perhaps dozing gently as you sink into your favorite chair. Suddenly there’s a sharp knock at the door, rousing you from your peaceful slumber. You rise and open the door and are greeted by a flurry of movement consisting of badges being shoved in your face and shouting, followed by even quicker explanations, most of which you don't understand. Your children are crying, and your wife can only watch, helplessly, as you are led away in handcuffs, wondering when or even if they'll see you again.

Sound farfetched? For millions of immigrants in this city, it represents a very real and persistent fear as President Trump moves to deport and remove all undocumented persons living in the U.S. It is a scenario that has undoubtedly been played out countless times within the minds of all our clients.

LACBA's Immigration Legal Assistance Project staff and dedicated volunteers are helping our clients cope with the fear and uncertainty. Many are concerned about what will happen to their families. Will their spouse be picked up and deported by ICE (Immigration Custom Enforcement); will their U.S. Citizen children be taken away from them and placed in the foster care system? How will they be able to work and support their family?

In this time of chaos and mass confusion, the Immigration Project needs your help more than ever. There are no other immigration services in Los Angeles where immigrants receive this kind of care, attention, and support. Your generosity makes this possible.

Will you please make a donation of $50 to help keep immigrant families together and fight for their rights to remain in the country?

We thank our many donors and volunteers for their donations throughout the years. Your investment in assisting immigrant families is critical to our success. America is a land of immigrants, and our project will continue to fight for all immigrant families' right to stay together.

Thank you again for your continuing support and generosity.



Silvia Martinez
Project Director
LACBA Immigration Legal Assistance Project