Day of Hearing Mediation Services

LACBA Civic Mediation Project provides effective, accessible mediation services in the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, CA. Mediation is a conflict resolution process where an impartial, neutral facilitator helps litigants (landlords and tenants) in unlawful detainer proceedings to communicate issues and come to a fast, reliable resolution. Such resolutions can be beneficial to both sides.

Mediation allows a landlord to:

  • Avoid going to trial
  • Avoid the further expenses and procedures required to enforce a judgment
  • Avoid needing to involve the Sheriff

Mediation allows a tenant to:

  • Avoid going to trial
  • Protect their credit reports and credit scores
  • Avoid a Sheriff's lockout and protect their possessions
  • Access information to find alternative housing if necessary

Mediation can help resolve issues related to:

  • unpaid rent
  • proper notices served
  • proper service of unlawful detainer summons and complaint
  • habitability
  • rent accepted after the expiration of the 3/30/60 day eviction notice
  • illegal activities performed on the premises
  • retaliatory eviction

Day of Hearing Mediation services are voluntary. Mediation sessions are held on the same day as your unlawful detainer hearing. To initiate service, proceed to the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse (275 Magnolia Long Beach CA 90802) on the date and time of your hearing. Court staff will inform litigants of their option to mediate.