Community Mediation Services

Mediation is a conflict resolution process where an impartial, neutral facilitator helps disputing parties to communicate issues and come to a resolution. We provide effective, accessible services throughout Los Angeles County.

Mediation allows you to:

  • Tell your side of the story
  • Spend less money than other alternatives
  • Have a say in the outcome rather than having it imposed by a judge
  • Discuss issues and concerns that would not be considered in court
  • Preserve your relationship with the other party
  • Maintain confidentiality

Issues we can help with include:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Consumer/Merchant
  • Elder Care
  • Neighbor/Neighbor
  • Interpersonal
  • Homeowner Association
  • Property
  • Small Business
  • Family/Divorce
  • Small Claims
  • Employment
  • Ownership
  • Environmental
  • Domestic Relations
  • Complex Multi-Party

Community mediation services are voluntary, convenient and confidential.

Mediation sessions can be scheduled at convenient times and locations, including evenings and weekends, to avoid loss of work time. 

To initiate service, please call 877-4RESOLV (877-473-7658)

When families have difficult decisions to make about elderly parents and relatives it can be highly stressful and emotional. Sometimes misunderstanding and hurt feelings can occur, making it difficult to discuss and resolve such issues as living arrangements, care, property, safety and end-of-life directives. Our skilled, impartial facilitators assist family members and the elder by providing a safe environment to address differing perspectives and reach a workable solution.

These services are made possible through major support from the Los Angeles County Department of Community & Senior Services through the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.