LACBA to Wind Down its Civic Mediation Project

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Differences of opinion are a part of human nature. How those differences are handled, however, is the key to a healthy, productive society.


The LACBA Civic Mediation Project (CMP) provides mediation services throughout the community and on school campuses. We teach youth and adults skills to resolve conflict in a constructive, practical, and non-violent manner.

The foundation for our work is based on the following three principles:

  • Self-empowerment: CMP helps individuals, groups and communities determine their own solutions to problems.
  • Respect: Respect for people’s differences is necessary for effective conflict resolution.
  • Relationship: We strive to preserve and restore relationships among individuals, groups and communities.

Seeing the world through others’ eyes is not easy. It requires patience, skill and that most important of human qualities, empathy.

CMP helps individuals and communities see differing perspectives and create common ground from which they can resolve conflicts and move forward to more productive and enriching personal and civic pursuits.