LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project

 AIDS Legal Services Project Giving Thanks

AIDS Walk 2020

Many thanks to the ALSP AIDS Walk team that raised $6,300 through the first of its kind remote AIDS Walk this year. 56 donors heard the call, including volunteer attorneys, CFJ staff and Board members who contributed and helped to raise funds.

The ALSP provides direct legal services to fight against stigma and discrimination and provide vital legal services to the most vulnerable PLWH including LGBTQ, immigrants, people of color and cisgender women.

Special Shout out to $1,000 donor Stephen T. Hicklin and $500 donors Brian K. Condon, Mark E. Garscia, and Susan Koehler Sullivan.

Full List of Donors


Laurie Aronoff

Lucy  Avedissian

Jeronimo Anthony  Centeno


Hannah  Coleman

Brian  Condon

Ricardo  Corte

Benjamin  Fliegel

Becca  Foley

Mark  Freeman

Hazel  Gaitan

Gayane  Garibyan

Mark  Garscia

Kurtiss  Grossman

Stephen  Hicklin

Suzy  Hogtanyan

Armine  Hovhanessian

Megan  Jamison

Wes  Kennedy

Janet  Kwuon

Ronald Lachman

Nikki  Langit

James  Laur

Erin  Le

Lana  Manganiello

Kyle  Mansfield

Silvia  Martinez

Jane  McCaffrey

Vartouhi  Metspakyan

Ayako  Miyashita Ochoa

Brian  Moskal

Jon  Neustadter

Ann  Park

Jamie  Pollaci

Jody  Porter

Matt  Rabin

Sara  Rondon

Brian  Rostocki

Vartan  Saravia

Susan   Sullivan

Derek  Whitefield

Anet  Yerelek