Healthcare Rights for People Living with a Disability


A Guide to Healthcare Discrimination for Individuals Living with a Disability

This project was made possible through a grant from the Los Angeles City Department on Disability and the AIDS Coordinator’s Office.

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The following videos provide information on the rights of people living with a disability to access healthcare services that are nondiscriminatory and meet their needs. Most of the research, writing and video coordination was provided by volunteer Jacob Halajian, a second-year law student at Southwestern School of Law. In addition, pro bono attorney Sara Pezeshkpour, a disability rights attorney at Metz & Harrison, LLP, provided invaluable guidance, review and feedback and appears alongside Jacob in the videos.

People living with a disability, including those living with HIV, can face multiple barriers in accessing vital services, including healthcare. The intent here is to provide you with the knowledge needed to self-advocate, particularly in requesting accommodations to meet your needs, as well as provide you with information about where to turn for help when you feel your needs are not being met.

Healthcare Access — Know Your Rights

A general overview of healthcare rights and how to self-advocate.

Healthcare Access — Tips on How Best to Communicate with your Provider

Effective communication means effective healthcare.

Healthcare Access — Filing a Complaint

Identifying discriminatory treatment and what to do about it.

Healthcare Access — Vulnerable Populations

Addressing the needs of specific populations including the unhoused and incarcerated.

Know Your Rights Guide — Companion downloadable pdf 

A Guide to Healthcare Discrimination for Individuals Living with a Disability

Know Your Rights Guide-560w

The Companion pdf is downloadable and contains a review of the information contained in the videos along with links to multiple referrals for you to seek out additional information or assistance if needed.