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LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project to Receive a $10,000 Grant from the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists Foundation.
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(L-R):  Lori Garscia
Mark Garscia, LACBA Counsel For Justice President
Joseph Bell, ACFLS Foundation President
Sara Rondon, LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Director
Mark Andersen

ACFLSF LACBA CFJ Dinner and Officers
(L-R):  Mark Garscia, LACBA Counsel For Justice President
Sara Rondon, LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Director
Joseph Bell, ACFLS Foundation, President
Kendra Thomas, LACBA Board of Trustees

April 10th: LACBA DVP participates in the Los Angeles County Volunteer of the Year Awards


Kathryn Harrington, an associate with Latham & Watkins, receives a County Volunteer of the Year award from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  Since 2014, she has been volunteering her time with the DVP to assist victims of domestic violence.  She spends several hours each month providing legal assistance to the victims, walking them through the overwhelming court process, and helping to empower them.

Congratulations Kathryn!


Lauren Malatesta, Tax Associate, Latham & Watkins
Kathryn Harrington, Volunteer of the Year
Ana O’Brien, Tax Partner, Latham & Watkins

The Domestic Violence Project teams with Orrick to provide professional pro bono legal services at the busiest TRO clinic in California.

Orrick volunteers and LACBA DVP staff

Rear Row, Left to Right: Raija J. Horstman: Senior Associate, Geoffrey Moss: Senior Associate, Sara Rondon: DVP Project Coordinator, Kevin Hale: Of Counsel, Mark Mermelstein: Partner.
Front Row, Left to Right:
Melinda Blake Glastein: Managing Associate, Natalie Nahabet: Associate, Deborah Kelly: DVP Directing Attorney, Amy Byrd: Managing Associate

Volunteer of the Year honoree Amie Medley of Arnold & Porter and members of the Board of Supervisors


June 23:  The Domestic Violence Legal Services Project receives a cy pres award of $273,000.

Cy Pres Award Photo
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April 4:  DVP participates at the Los Angeles County Annual Volunteer of the Year Luncheon


LACBA DVP Luncheon

Joanne David, LACBA Development Director, Amie Medley of Arnold & Porter, DVP’s County Volunteer of the Year, and Sean Morris, Managing Partner of Arnold & Porter, share in the pleasure of Amie’s award in an elegant ceremony attended by the Board of Supervisors.

LACBA DVP Award Luncheon

Sara Rondon, DVP Project Coordinator, Deborah Kelly, DVP Directing Attorney, Amie Medley, Award Winner from Arnold & Porter, and Bruce Berra, LACBA CFO, are all smiles at the County of Los Angeles’ Volunteer of the Year Award Luncheon at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Amie is a long-term volunteer at Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project, including both clinic work and pro bono representation.

March 16:  Volunteer Training

On March 16, 2016, the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project trained attorneys, paralegals, and law school students on the proper preparation of the 35-page temporary restraining order petition. 

After the training, the seminar’s attendees registered to volunteer at the clinic’s Stanley Mosk Courthouse location, the highest-volume free legal service clinic in California, which helps victims file for protection against their batterers.  In 2015, the clinic assisted nearly 5,000 persons.

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LACBA President Paul Kiesel was a featured guest speaker. DVP Directing Attorney Debbie Kelly (center) is joined by Susan Koehler Sullivan (l.) and Noah Graff (r.) of the Counsel for Justice Board of Directors. Ellen Pansky (left) shared a moment with Debbie Kelly.  Ms. Pansky presented on the ethical requirements of attorneys providing pro bono legal services.