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We continue to provide information and assist
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Restraining Orders.

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You are not alone.

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To our valued volunteers and community partners,

Thank you to all of you that have reached out during these challenging times. Please know that DVP staff is working hard to assist those in our community. We appreciate your kind words and support.

Because things are changing day to day, sometimes even hourly, we do not know yet when volunteers will be called upon to assist. We will keep you updated here as things develop.
You may also follow us on social media for more information.

For more information on how to obtain a restraining order,
please call 213-624-3665.

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Because of your support, LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project (DVP) was able to help nearly 5,000 victims of violence with potentially lifesaving assistance in obtaining restraining orders. Assistance was provided by 168 volunteers who donated more than 5,500 hours of time to work with these victims. This donated time was valued at over $1,250,000. These victims range from the very young, trying to escape an abusive first relationship, to those escaping abuse from their spouses, unmarried partners, and family members. 
Victims like Mary:
“A few nights ago, John came home to the apartment we shared and began yelling and cursing at me. I was in bed when he staggered into the room angry, smelling of alcohol with blood-shot eyes. I saw that he had a gun in his pocket. John put his hands in his pocket and said, cursing at me “You think I’m a fool! I’m going to kill you; I don’t care if I go to prison!”
“I left our bedroom and went into my daughter’s room to get away from him. I lay down on the bed next to my sleeping daughter and he followed me into her room. He began punching holes in the walls while I begged him to stop. He then told me “Come outside and take it like a champ. I am going to kill you!”
He started punching his left fist into his palm, and then came to the bed and grabbed my arm to try and drag me off the bed and out of the room. My daughter had woken from the noise and began to cry. I managed to break away from him and begged him to calm down. He screamed “if you don’t come out here, watch, I’m going to kill you!”

Mary managed to get herself and her daughter out of the apartment and fled to a family members home. She came to the DVP terrified for her life and the safety of her child. With the help of a DVP volunteer she was granted a restraining order keeping John away from her and her family.
In April, we began a new partnership with the City of Los Angeles Mayors office , the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) , and various victim service providers and expanded the DVP by opening a new office in the Central District Family Justice Center (FJC) . Because the vast majority of the DVP’s clients are low income and many are completely supported by their abusers, there is a great need not only for legal assistance but also for holistic supports (e.g., law enforcement involvement, emergency shelter, emergency food, employment assistance) crucial for their survival. It is critical that we address the broader needs of victims as they will be less likely to return to their abusers if they are connected to the resources needed to become stable and self-sufficient. By partnering with other community agencies, we are better able to address these needs.

In July,
DVP Director Sara Rondon and LACBA Counsel for Justice President Brian Condon presented at The Power Act event. This presentation, to a large group of interested attorneys and legal support staff at the United States District Court Central District , was created to promote pro bono legal services to empower survivors of domestic violence.

In August, the DVP initiated a self-help system in our Mosk Courthouse office so that victims can start the restraining order application process on their own, with the help of a DVP staff member. This will further empower victims to obtain relief and allow DVP to assist more victims. We are grateful to the California State Bar and the Los Angeles Superior Court for the partnership allowing us to initiate this system and look forward to expanding its use this year.

In September, through a generous donation from the California Community Foundation , we began offering Immigration Information Forums to victims of violence at our FJC location. These victims live not only in fear of physical abuse, but fear of what their rights are in this ever-changing society. The DVP, in conjunction with LACBA Immigration Legal Assistance Project and LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project , presented an information forum in which victims can access information and resources that will answer important questions and enhance the safety of victims.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are excited to build on our extraordinary achievements, our close relationships with the Los Angeles Superior Court , City of Los Angeles , and the California State Bar ; and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish this year and beyond. We wish you a wonderful start to the new year and thank you for your continued support.

Brian Condon                                                             Sara Rondon
President                                                                     Director         
Counsel for Justice                                                    LACBA DVP

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LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Testimonials

LACBA's Domestic Violence Legal Services Project has assisted more than 100,000 men, women and children since it was founded more than 35 years ago. Below, a few of those survivors share their story of how the Project helped them down the path to a safer life.

 LACBA DVP Staff 2017


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About the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project

For more than three decades, battered and broken victims of domestic violence have solemnly made the trip to Los Angeles Superior Court seeking help. With them come their wounds, their injuries, their fears, and often their children. Navigating the judicial maze that comprises Stanley Mosk Courthouse is an intimidating task. Yet the victims come. They are sent by law enforcement, shelters, social workers, or driven by their personal desire for physical salvation and safety.

They come because they have been told there is help. And they are right... there is help. That help is you…volunteers. Often, the relief sought is granted on the same day.  Volunteers are attorneys, paralegals, and law students, and they work under the supervision of the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project.

Attorney volunteer Geoffrey Moss says, “Volunteering at LACBA’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project has been a rewarding way to give back and provide immediate, meaningful help to those in need. Domestic violence is an issue that affects people from all walks of life, and the Project is a wonderful resource to help them navigate a daunting and unfamiliar legal system. Giving back to the community through pro bono work is an expectation at my firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, and the fact that six Orrick associates choose to give their time to the project speaks volumes about its importance.”

Volunteer sessions are during court hours Monday-Friday. No prior experience necessary, but computer efficiency is required. Onsite training is provided by DVP staff. No ongoing representation is necessary. Bring with you nothing but your compassion and willingness to make a difference in someone's life.

Thank you on behalf of those we serve. 

(Spanish-speaking services available)
Public Information Line (213) 624-3665
Director, Sara Rondon  Send an Email
Administrative Calls Only (213) 896-6491 


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