Antonia and her infant son are safe


Antonia came to the Domestic Violence Project and requested help preparing the 35-page petition for a Temporary Restraining Order against her former boyfriend, the father of her baby.

She reported the following:  My ex was over at my apartment to visit the baby.  He was mad and said, “I’m going to kill any man you get involved with”.  He yelled and screamed, I begged him to be quiet because the baby was finally asleep.  He grabbed me from behind and held both of my arms down by the side of my body and squeezed hard.  Then, he threw me down upon the floor.

Antonia Bleeds

I hit my head on the wooden frame of the couch when he tossed me to the floor.  The right side, just above my ear, was bleeding all over me, my shirt turned red.  I screamed for help and tried to defend myself while he grabbed at my arms and pinned me to the floor with his body.   He put both hands around my neck and choked me.  I nearly passed out and he stopped, climbed off of me.

LAPD Arrives

I think a neighbor must have called the police, but my ex fled before they got there.  But, the cops, advised me to get a restraining order.  Before I came to court, my ex sent me a text that said, “I’m coming for you”.

The Court Decides

The Judicial Officer granted the temporary orders requested and also issued a custody order for the baby.  Through the generosity of donors and volunteers, Antonia and her infant are protected.