Declaration of Mikaela

Mikaela came to the DVP for help. Her boyfriend had recently become physically abusive and threatening towards her. She was afraid of what her boyfriend would do next.

“Respondent started arguing with me. He yelled that I should leave. He grabbed me. He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled it and then punched me in the head with a closed fist about 10 times. He threatened, “if you leave I will kill you.” I tried to get away from the Respondent but he pushed me down towards the floor. He threatened, “If you move I will kill you. I will kill your daughters. I will kill your parents and brother.” He was drunk. I told him that I was going to call the police. He was still holding me down. The Respondent threatened me by saying, “Call the police. I will be in jail for a year. Then I will come back and kill you.” I was able to stand up. Respondent then strangled me by the neck and further threatened, “You are going to die.” I managed to get away from him. I went to the bathroom and called the police.

When the police came the Respondent was arrested. Since his release from jail, the Respondent came into our house while I was taking a shower, he stole my purse and $600 in cash which I needed for rent money. On or about April 1, 2019 when I went to get my truck I discovered the Respondent inside my truck. I ran inside to call the police but the Respondent fled before they arrived. On or about April 2 and 3, 2019, the Respondent came to my house and banged on the door but I did not let him in. He threatened through the door that if I didn’t let him in that he would damage my truck. On or about April 3, 2019 when I returned home to my apartment, I discovered that the locks had been removed or destroyed.”

Mikaela was very scared of the Respondent and told the volunteer attorney she was in fear for her life. The volunteer assisted Mikaela with the preparation of the paperwork needed for a temporary restraining order. Her questions were answered and referrals given to outside agencies that could provide further assistance to Mikaela and her family.