D. Johnson’s Story

When D. Johnson, a United States Coast Guard Veteran sought out legal assistance, he was on probation and living in transitional housing. Since his conviction, he had been striving hard to find a job, but even with a bachelor’s degree In Psychology and a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, he was unable to obtain gainful full-time employment. He felt his conviction and probationary status made him unmarketable and unemployable.

Through your support, attorneys were able to assist Mr. Johnson both with obtaining an early termination of his probation and an expungement of his conviction. After which, he noted he could “finally feel like and be a normal citizen.” He felt that this significantly increased his chances of obtaining employment and restored eligibility for more stable housing.

Most importantly, when asked what this assistance meant to him, Mr. Johnson said it meant that “there are services available to people like me - services that people usually pay a lot of money for, money that people in circumstances similar to mine do not have - these services are being given for free.” This free legal assistance is greatly needed in our society today.

Because of your support, one mistake didn’t have to define Mr. Johnson or hold him back from a brighter future. Thank you.