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Help the LACBA Counsel for Justice When You Shop at Ralphs

As you may be aware, LACBA Counsel for Justice (CFJ) is registered with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program. Through this program, Ralphs Markets contributes back a percentage of your household's monthly purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

The Community Contribution Program runs from September 1 through August 31 each year, and participants must RE-REGISTER their cards each year on or after September 1, even if they have previously registered for the program.

To sign up for or to reregister for the Community Contribution Program online, follow the instructions below:

If re-registering your Ralphs Rewards card:

  • Log into and click on Sign in at the top right.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Click on My Account (in the top right hand corner) and scroll down to Community Rewards Information.
  • Click on Edit Community Program Information, re-select the Los Angeles County Bar Counsel for Justice, and click on Save Changes.
  • (There is an easier alternate re-registration method, a scan bar letter – get the scan bar letter from Counsel for Justice – call (213) 896-6417 – and we will get it to you. Then take it to your Ralphs store the next time you shop and scan it with your order and the Counsel for Justice has been selected).

If registering your Ralphs Rewards card for the first time:

  • Log into and click on Services and then Community Contributions.
  • If you are a new ONLINE CUSTOMER, you must click on GET STARTED. SIGN UP TODAY in the "Create an Account" box (right side of page).
  • Follow the easy steps. Enter either Los Angeles County Bar Counsel for Justice into the box for the name of organization or enter the Counsel for Justice's Non-Profit Organization (NPO) number: 83761.

If you have already registered with another organization but want to change it to Counsel for Justice, just re-register your card using Counsel for Justice's NPO number (83761). If you have any difficulty registering or have questions, you can call Ralphs at 1 (800) 443-4438.

Once you have registered Counsel for Justice as your charity of choice, each time you swipe your Ralphs Rewards Card at check-out, you will help LACBA CFJ earn a rebate. Most purchases qualify except those for alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, postage stamps, gift cards, gift certificates, lottery and promotional tickets, fluid milk and milk products, fuel, CRV, and sales tax. The rebate percentage earned ranges from 1 to 4 percent based on a sliding scale of the amount spent by your household per month. Ralphs sends a quarterly check to each registered charity based on the expenditures made by the participants.

CFJ has earned almost $5,000 since signing up for this program, so it is definitely worth doing. If we can increase the number of participants, we will earn much more. Last year Ralphs gave out $3,000,000, and this year they will donate back another $3,000,000 to many nonprofits.

If you shop at Ralphs, Counsel For Justice would really appreciate your support. Please call Counsel for Justice at (213) 896-6417 or if you have any questions.

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