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Frequently Asked Questions


Counsel for Justice brings together law firms, foundations, corporations, donors and volunteers in support of a more just Los Angeles. Together, we stand at the forefront of providing equal access to legal services in our community by raising funds and directly contributing at the frontlines of justice in five key areas: domestic violence, support of our veterans, immigration assistance, AIDS legal services and civic mediation. 

With over 50 years of service as the charitable arm of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, our efforts have raised over $8 million dollars in giving and impacted hundreds of thousands of lives with better, more powerful paths to justice. 


Why did Counsel for Justice update its brand?

Since our founding over 50 years ago, Counsel for Justice (formerly LACBA Foundation) has been dedicated to serving Los Angeles through direct legal representation, advice, counseling, and mediation in key areas that affect the community. Because of the changes our organization was undergoing, we had a chance to revitalize how we communicate, who we are, and why we matter. Finally, we had an opportunity to define our relationship with LACBA and the five projects we support. 

The objective of this rebrand is to create a clear and consistent identity that can be recognized and celebrated by all who support our organization. Elements of this rebrand include a new name, new logo, new visual system, new messaging, and new collateral—a new “face” if you will. 

How did you arrive at the new brand?

With extensive research conducted for the LACBA masterbrand over the past few years, we have a clear understanding of our position in the market, how our audiences perceive us, and how others in the industry and profession are communicating. We’ve taken a close look at organizations similar to Counsel for Justice to analyze what types of messages and visuals would be authentic to our organization, but still differentiate us from others in the space.

 Why did you change your name?

A name like “Foundation” made us seem like more of a holding company, instead of what we want to be known for, which is a direct face of legal services. We are a team of lawyers, staff, donors coming together in support of access to legal aid in Los Angeles and we knew that a new name could tell that story more effectively. 

What does your new name mean?

In the name Counsel for Justice, the word Counsel stands for the collective insight, resources, time and talents of staff, volunteers, and donors, whom all contribute to the organization in different ways. The word Justice is core to our purpose, it’s the direct outcome of the work of the Projects, and it’s why we are all engaged. Our name means that we work together, for a more just LA.

 Are you changing anything about how you’re run?

Yes, we aren't simply changing our look and feel, but we are refining the way our organization operates. We will now have one board, and all funding Counsel for Justice receives is directly allocated to the Projects it enables. 

How does the organizational change affect the Projects?

Because the Projects will now all be supported by Counsel for Justice, there will only be one central board that will support the fundraising, potential growth, and evolution of the individual Projects.

 How does the rebrand visually affect the Projects?

All of the Projects now have a consistent visual system that ties in with Counsel for Justice brand and the LACBA masterbrand. This is not meant to be limiting, but rather unifying and to showcase that all Projects are part of a greater cause—one of service in the name of better access to legal services in the Los Angeles community. If we can more clearly communicate both visually and verbally our core purpose, it will allow for better brand recognition, increased donations and organizational alignment over time.

 Will donors’ relationship with Counsel for Justice change?

Donors will continue to fund the Projects and the impact they have on the underrepresented and the local community. The main change is that Counsel for Justice will have primary responsibility for fundraising for and funding the Projects.