Listserve Guidelines


1.  Etiquette. Each message must contain the full name, firm name and telephone number of the sender. Hit reply all to respond to the group as a whole and hit reply to respond only to the sender. Do not forward messages because they will be rejected by the listserve and will not reach the intended party. We get numerous complaints from members who are receiving too much email, so please use "reply all" judiciously.

2.  Unsubscribe is only a click away. At any time, any forum participant can opt out. You simply click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of your email content page, and click "yes" after your browser opens to the confirmation page. No other action is needed.   

Send an email to (replace "listname" with the name of your list, example: to opt back in.

3.  Usage Standards. The listserve program is a members-only benefit, intended exclusively for official business of the group and is not to be used for personal, political, and/or commercial purposes, to solicit membership in or fundraise for other organizations, or to advertise or market non-LACBA related programs or events.

4.  Managing Your Emails: You might want to create a special folder in your email application to organize the forum emails. With certain email applications, you can even automate placing your forum emails into a folder. You might choose to receive only the 'digest' version of the forum which delivers all the daily emails in a single mail to your inbox, where you can scan the various discussions. To change your preference, go to the List Manager page, log in to your list/forum, click on the tab in the column at the left side of the page labeled "My Account" and go to "Membership type." The drop-down menu there gives you the mail options.

5. Vacation/Extended Absences. To subscribe or unsubscribe for a specific period of time, send a blank email to: (replace "listname" with the name of your list, example: and this will set your account to not receive any email from the listserve. When you want to rejoin the listserve, send another email to to have your account set to receive emails from the list.

6. Use Discretion. Avoid rants and lengthy messages. Use brevity and diplomacy in communications to be respectful to other listserve members.

7. Limited Discussions of Political Issues are permitted and encouraged only as relevant to the forum, however, the forum may not be used for political campaigning or fundraising purposes under any circumstances.

8. Report Inappropriate Usage. Participants are asked to report any disruptive comments since they are the most frequent readers of the forums and apt to spot inappropriate usage. Please email your concerns to your Section's moderator.

9. Content Standards:

  1. No Graphics/or Images are permitted in messages—text only please.
  2. Notice of Events Need to be LACBA Affiliated. Solicitations for membership, fundraising, and events for other organizations create too much email traffic for non-LACBA events, and it is therefore not allowed on LACBA lists.
  3. Notice of a LACBA Sponsored Event may be sent to list members, but do not forward the event notice. It is permissible to copy the text from the event notice, and forward it to list members. Brevity is always important for list messages, however, so it is a better practice to summarize the information and provide a link for the reader to obtain more information.
  4. Notice of an Event that is co-sponsored by LACBA and another organization: It is permissible to copy text from the event notice and forward it to list members. Do not forward the event notice. Again, brevity is always important for list messages, so it is a better practice to summarize the information and provide a link for the reader to obtain more information.
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10.  Code of Civility Guidelines