The Los Angeles County Bar Association offers a listserve program (also called "list service," "forum" or "listserve") for members. A listserve provides a forum for group members to communicate with each other, or for group leaders to communicate with members of the group.

Web Interface Users Message

As you know, the LACBA listserve has been experiencing issues for some time stemming from updated security regulations (DMARC) put in place by the Internet service providers (ISPs) to help prevent "spoofing." These issues are not within LACBA's control, but are a byproduct of these new regulations and impact the listserve software that LACBA utilizes, for example, the "author.nameemail" address that some of you see on the listserves (see below).

We have resolved most issues; however, your message may not reach everyone if you log into the listserve archives through the LACBA website and reply to a posting or send a new message. We have discovered that when the messages are being sent through LACBA's website, they are being blocked by the major ISPs. Unfortunately, this is due to circumstances beyond LACBA's control. To ensure that your message will get to the intended recipients, we recommend that you post and reply by using your personal email instead.

There are also more aggressive spam filters being utilized by some ISPs – we are aware that given the high volume of email that originates from LACBA causes some ISPs to mark LACBA's email as spam, or reject it altogether. Again, these are not issues within LACBA's control, and have to be worked out with your ISP and/or your IT department or service. If you do not receive expected email from LACBA, please first check your spam folder.

Author.nameemail issue:

We understand that it is important for our listserve community to be able to identify the sender of listserve emails. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond LACBA's control, some email messages are being received as "author.nameemail" rather than displaying the sender's name, depending on which email service provider is used by the sender. To help identify who is sending and responding to the listserve via email, we ask that all senders and respondents insert a signature block so that everyone knows who has sent and/or replied to the message.

If you have any questions, please contact the LACBA Member Services Department at (213) 896-6560 or by email: Thank you.