LACBA Delegation to the Conference of Delegates Committee

LACBA Seeks Delegates to the Conference of California Bar Associations

to apply.

LACBA members are encouraged to apply for positions on LACBA’s 2017 Delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA). CCBA brings together attorneys from diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise to seek, debate, and promote creative, nonpartisan legislative solutions to law-related issues in California. Following the conference, CCBA works to mold the legislative agenda in Sacramento by having its lobbyist work with legislators on bills based directly on the resolutions passed at the conference.

LACBA’s Delegation is the largest in the state and has enjoyed tremendous success over the years by having many of its own resolutions passed by the CCBA and then passed through the legislature to become law.

Participating in the delegation is not only an opportunity to improve laws and promote justice in the California, but also to enjoy camaraderie and networking with an esteemed community of approximately 350 attorneys who are passionate about a broad cross-section of California law.

Interested LACBA members should complete the application HERE. Proposal of resolutions for the 2017 Conference are currently due to LACBA on January 27, 2017. CLICK HERE to propose a resolution. 

While Executive Committee positions have been filled for this year, it is never too early to apply to serve on the Delegation Executive Committee for next year.  Executive Committee membership requires that applicants 1) have been a member of the LACBA Delegation for at least two years (not necessarily consecutive) and 2) shall not have served on the Executive Committee for any of the immediately preceding three years. The terms for new Executive Committee members begins in November of each year.

For more information about serving as a conference delegate or to learn how you can join the Executive Committee next year, contact the Delegation Chair Jodi Taksar at (626) 356-5623,, or c/o LACBA, PO Box 55020, Los Angeles, CA 90055-2020.

Directs the study of resolutions proposed to the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations and leads the LACBA delegation at the annual statewide Conference.

The mission of the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) is to serve justice in California by bringing together attorney volunteers from across the State representing diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise to seek, debate, and promote creative, non-partisan solutions to law-related issues.

Top 10 reasons to be a LACBA Delegation member:

1) The people you meet
2) The friends you make
3) The law you learn
4) The law you make
5) The places you go
6) The fun you have
7) The debates you hear
8) The speeches you give
9) The lessons you learn
10) The change you make happen

"I have been a Los Angeles Delegate to the Conference of Delegates for over 30 years. I stay involved because I enjoy the intellectual stimulation in studying and hearing of areas of concern in the profession with which I'm not directly involved as well as the issues I know something about. I enjoy the debate--which at its best can be riveting--at times entertaining and humorous. And most of all I enjoy the people--the lawyers--young and old who come year after year, to listen to one another debating the issues of the day, who enjoy one another."
John Van de Kamp, former District Attorney of Los Angeles and former California Attorney General