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where you can obtain information and access to the many benefits of LACBA Law Student membership. Here you'll discover resources that will make your job search more productive and successful and make networking with attorneys simple.

You can also explore and get practical information about various areas of practice and discover how LACBA membership is your best career partner choice both as a law student and as a new attorney.



LACBA:  An Invaluable Tool for Your Career Path




Why You Should Become a LACBA Law Student Member

Get to Know Your Field of Interest

Familiarize yourself with the different practice areas. LACBA offers members access to 24 different sections you join, each based on a particular field of practice (family law, real property, criminal law, etc.). Law students also receive the Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine with timely articles of interest to all lawyers, as well as a number of electronic publications designed to keep members informed of what's happening around the legal profession in Los Angeles County.

Get to Know Your Future Colleagues and Employers

There is no better way to network with the thousands of attorneys who attend LACBA Continuing Legal Education events. As a law student, you can register for these events at reduced Law Student rates. Learn more about LACBA events.

Get to Know the Court System

One of the most difficult challenges for young attorneys and law students is understanding the court system, including procedural issues, and dealing with judges. LACBA regularly presents roundtable events where you can engage in discussions with and ask questions of judges, court clerks, and other court staff. Consult the calendar regularly for updates on scheduled roundtable events with court administrators and judges.

Get to Know Your Profession

By attending events with attorneys, participating in section listserves, or volunteering in one or more of the many public services performed by LACBA, you can acquire a better grasp of your profession.

Law Student Resources

LACBA/ Marketing & Business Development Department

Barristers/ Young Attorneys Section

  • Law Student Liaison Program
  • Mock Interview Program
  • On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Advice Panel
  • Federal Judicial Clerkships Panel
  • Bar Exam Success Workshop