Benefits For Lawyers
Admitted to the State Bar in 2016

When you were admitted to the California Bar in 2016, the Los Angeles County Bar Association was pleased to enroll you as a free 2-year member.

In that time, we hope you've seen the value in your membership.  From networking and career programs to our daily legal news, LACBA is an indispensable tool for attorneys.

And now that your free membership expired on December 31, 2018, we'd like to invite you to continue with us…at a special annual rate of only $50. 

Even better, select the $4.17 monthly billing option and your last month is FREE--an incredible discount. 

Jessica Gordon portrait“Young attorneys of today are the partners and referral sources of tomorrow.  Expand and build a legal network by renewing membership now and attending our events.” 

Jessica G. Gordon, President
LACBA Barristers/Young Attorneys Section

In addition, you'll receive a free membership into our Barristers/Young Attorneys Section,which brings professional development and opportunity-related services to young lawyers. 

Retaining your LACBA membership is essential for your profession.
  It's one of the most important things you can have on your resume, now and throughout your career.  Hiring managers who see "LACBA Member" on your resume know you're serious about the legal profession.   It gives you credibility that your competition won't have.  It's that important.

As a member, you'll continue to have benefits that include:

You can see the complete list of our benefits here.

It's all included in your annual membership of $50.

Please visit our Renewal Page or call 213-896-5260 to make LACBA your career partner and renew your membership today.