Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award

Award Criteria

The Los Angeles County Bar Association's highest award, the Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award, is given by the Los Angeles County Bar from time to time to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to improving the administration of justice in Los Angeles County. The contribution may be the result of the person’s own efforts or the result of providing leadership or inspiration to others.

Among the factors to be considered are whether the individual contributed to one or more of the following aspects of the civil or criminal justice system and the profession:

  1. Enhanced fairness or impartiality of the legal system
  2. Increased responsiveness of the legal system to changing public needs
  3. Enhanced performance in or other improvement to our legal system
  4. Expanded or improved delivery of legal services
  5. Increased public knowledge or understanding of the principles and functioning of the legal system
  6. Increased public knowledge or understanding of the high principles of the legal profession
  7. Assuring access to the legal system and a just result for an individual, class of individuals or group who would have otherwise been denied such access and result
  8. Advancement of the legal profession
  9. Advancement of the organized bar

Among the personal characteristics to be considered are whether the individual:

  1. Exhibited professional or personal courage
  2. Maintains high ethical and moral standards
  3. Maintains high professional standards
  4. Exhibited dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession

[approved by LACBA Board of Trustees on 02/13/02]