LACBA Annual Election

LACBA conducts an annual election of Officers and Trustees of the Association each year with an open nomination period between January to early February in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of the LACBA Bylaws. The terms of Officers and Trustees begin on July 1st of each year.

For any election inquiries, please contact Vanessa Villagomez.

Important Annual Election Deadlines*

On or before February 8

Declarations of intent of members seeking nomination to the Board due

Submission of nominations by Affiliate Bar Associations and Sections due

Membership record date for nomination by the Nominating Committee

Within 5 business days after NomCom makes its selections; no later than
March 15

Press release and posting of names of persons nominated to the Board by Nominating Committee

On or before April 15

Petitions/written nominations signed by at least 100 members of LACBA due

Membership record date to be a candidate for self-nomination

April 20

The membership record date for members entitled to vote


*Any date falling on a weekend or holiday goes to the next business day thereafter.