2022 LACBA Officer and Board
Annual Election



The deadline for nominations is February 8, 2022.

Board of Trustees Nominations are now being accepted. Qualified LACBA members seeking nomination by the Nominating Committee to any elective officer, except the President, Immediate Past President and Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach, or a position of elected Trustee for terms that begin on July 1, 2022, must submit a declaration of intent no later than February 8, 2022.

Section chairs and affiliated bar presidents may also nominate qualified LACBA members from sections or affiliates, respectively, subject to the same deadline.

Open Positions and Candidate Qualifications

Members can be considered in more than one category.

  • Three (3) Elective Officers:

    Each Elective Officer shall serve for a one-year term.
    • One (1) President-Elect
    • One (1) Senior Vice President
    • One (1) Vice President

    • Candidates for president-elect must have served as a LACBA trustee for at least two years prior to July 1, 2022.

      Candidates for senior vice president and vice president must have served as a LACBA trustee for at least one year prior to July 1, 2022.
    • Three (3) At-Large Trustees;
    • Three (3) Trustees from Sections; and
    • Three (3) Trustees from Affiliates.

       Qualifications for Service as Trustee:

           Each Trustee shall, when initially elected or appointed and at all times during his or her
           term of service as a Trustee:

  • For no less than three (3) years, be a LACBA member in one of the following membership categories: general, sustaining, affiliate, faculty, judicial, or government/public service;
  • For no less than five (5) years, be a member in good standing of the State Bar of California, or a judge in a California court of record, or a registered in-house counsel satisfying requirements therefore in the California Rules of Court;
  • As to Trustees from Sections, must also currently be a member of at least one LACBA Section; and
  • As to Trustees from Affiliate Bar Associations, must also currently be a member of at least one bar association currently affiliated with LACBA.

To view the current Board of Trustees,
 click here.


Declaration of Intent Submissions Deadline: February 8, 2022


  • A letter or email of interest and an attached resume or bio for one or more positions, as well as nominations by sections and affiliates, should be submitted to:  Stan Bissey, Executive Director & CEO, via e-mail (ed@lacba.org) by clicking here

For reference: 2021 Declaration of Intent Submissions. 
(Viewable only by LACBA Members; log-in is required).  

Please be advised that the Nominating Committee meeting materials will be published online. The materials to be published will include candidates' statements/declarations of intent, qualifications, resumes (if provided), and other objective data.  Such materials will be available to LACBA members only.  Current member credentials will be required for access. For any questions relating to this policy, please contact Jazmine Ramirez.  

Applications not received by February 8, 2022, will not be considered.


The Nominating Committee (NomCom)

NomCom consists of LACBA's current president; president-elect; immediate past president; nine (9) members selected by lot from those trustees who served on the Board in the last four (4) annual elections as trustees at-large, from sections and affiliates; and two members designated by the Barristers/Young Attorneys president. No member of NomCom may be nominated for any elective officer or elected trustee position during the year of service on the committee.

In addition to considering declarations of intent and nominations submitted by section chairs and affiliate leadership, members of NomCom may submit additional members for nomination to trustee positions. NomCom will nominate one or more LACBA members for each available trustee position for the term that begins on July 1, 2022. All trustees serve two-year terms. NomCom will also nominate qualified candidates for each of the offices of president-elect, senior vice president, and vice president --all who serve one-year terms.  Current President-Elect Ann I. Park will assume the presidency on July 1, 2022. Current President Brad Pauley will automatically assume the position of Immediate Past President at that time.

NomCom is expected to conclude its nominations no later than Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Even if not nominated by NomCom, a member who meets the eligibility criteria stated above may petition for a trustee or officer position (except for the president, immediate past president or vice president of diversity, inclusion & outreach) upon filing with Stan Bissey, Executive Director & CEO, by April 15, 2022, a LACBA nomination form signed by at least 100 LACBA members. The 2022 LACBA Officer and Trustee Election Rules and Regulations will be available no later than March 15.


Annual Election Deadlines Pursuant to Article VII of the Amended and Restated LACBA Bylaws as Amended December 15, 2021

On or before February 8

Declarations of intent of members seeking nomination to the Board due

On or before February 8

Submission of nominations by Affiliate Bar Associations and Sections due

Within 5 business days after NomCom makes its selections;no later than
March 15

Press release and posting of names of persons nominated to the Board by NomCom

On or before April 15

Petitions/written nominations signed by at least 100 members of LACBA due

April 20

Record date for members entitled to vote


To review the Annual Election provisions in the LACBA Bylaws, click here.