LACBA Delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations

You may fill out the form below or download the PDF version, fill it out, and email it back to us.

Application for Delegate Appointment

Only LACBA members are eligible to serve as Delegates.   To renew your membership, click here or contact Member Services at (213) 896-6560.

The Los Angeles County Bar Association extends this invitation to its members to serve on LACBA's Delegation to the 2019 Conference of California Bar Associations. Interested LACBA members are required to complete and submit the application form below (even if you served on the 2018 delegation).  If you are not familiar with all the costs associated with serving as a delegate, please call Vanessa Villagomez at 213-896-6425.

I apply for membership on the Los Angeles Delegation of the 2019 Conference of Delegates:

Please confirm that you are a current LACBA member.

Resolution Study Committee Interests:

Using the dropboxes below, please select the committee(s) on which you wish to participate.  If you wish to serve on only one committee, please select that committee and one alternate.

I am interested in an Executive Committee or Officer position. Call (213) 896-6425 for service criteria.

Please include the name of the section/committee, the positions you held, and your dates of participation.

If you don’t have a profile link, please submit a resume by email attachment to Vanessa Villagomez at

Suggested nomination(s) for the 2019 Charles R. English Spirit Award:

NOTICE: Form submission of a potential resolution for the 2019 conference will be available soon.  Submission must be received by LACBA by January 11, 2019 (submission deadline is subject to change).

By submitting this form: if appointed, it is my intention to make every effort to participate in the deliberations of the study committee to which I will be assigned, attend the preconference delegation meetings, and attend the Conference of California Bar Associations -- dates and locations to be confirmed -- dates announced are October 11-13, 2019, in Monterey, CA.