2019 Proposed Resolutions

Resolution Submission Deadline is February 8, 2019.

Please click here to learn more about CCBA’s guidelines on drafting resolutions.

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Current word count:
Current word count:
Text of Resolution: Instructions.

In the box below, please enter the text of your resolution.

If your resolution contains strike-throughs or underlines, please follow these steps, since the textbox below cannot accept special characters.

Where you want to indicate the beginning of the strike-through, please type in STRIKE.  And at then end type in END STRIKE.

So if you want your resolution to look like this:  This paragraph is to be deleted.
Then enter it into the textbox below like this:  This STRIKE paragraph is to be END STRIKE deleted.

Follow the same steps for underlines:
If your resolution looks like this:  This paragraph is to be added.
Then enter it into the textbox like this:  This LINE paragraph is to be END LINE added.

ALSO:   If you include website links within your text, please remove extraneous punctuation and remove the http.

Correct:  My website www.mylink.com  is set up.

Incorrect:  My website <<http://www.mylink.com.>> is set up.  

Current word count:
Current word count:
MANDATORY:   Please upload a complete copy of your Resolution here.  
The attached Word version must be identical to the information entered in the form (i.e., same title, digest, statement of reasons, author, and so forth).
Word files only (.doc or .docx)

The maximum word count has been exceeded. Please reduce your word count in any box where the word counter is red. The SUBMIT button will be available once the word count has been reduced accordingly.