Invitation to Pledge:
LACBA’s Renewed Commitment to Increase Diversity in
the Legal Profession

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LACBA’s Renewed Commitment to Increase 
Diversity in the Legal Profession


The Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) seeks to promote greater diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Guided by LACBA’s bold new leadership and its first-ever Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach, Philip H. Lam, LACBA invites law firms, businesses, public legal departments, law schools, public service organizations and governmental agencies to join LACBA in its renewed commitment to increase diversity in the legal profession

Joining is easy. Adopt the Statement of Goals and Principles for the Legal Profession with Respect to Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion of Attorneys that are Members of Historically Underrepresented Groups and agree to facilitate three actions from the List of Best Diversity Practices. Thereafter, each pledged signatory will be showcased on LACBA’s website and potentially additional means. 

Every Pledge Encouraged
Every Contribution Welcome
Everyone Invited

To pledge, please email LACBA’s Executive Director at

For more information about this program, visit LACBA’s Diversity in the Profession Committee at or email Brian Moskal at

I look forward to your continuing support to achieve a more integrated, diverse and inclusive legal community.


Ronald F. Brot