Sections Email Policy


Adopted by the Board of Trustees July 12, 2017


The Board of Trustees finds that it is in the best interests of the organization to permit Section Chairs to communicate directly via email with members of their respective Sections regarding Section-related matters subject to reasonable restrictions and appropriate safeguards. Therefore, it is resolved that the organization amend its privacy policy to: (i) permit dissemination of contact information of Section members to their respective Section Chairs; and (ii) authorize Section Chairs to communicate with U.S. domiciled members of their respective Sections via email regarding matters of Interest to the Section members subject to the policies and implementation procedures attached.



In response to the expressed desire of Section Chairs to communicate by email directly with Section members, the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (“LACBA”) authorizes the transmittal to Section Chairs of the email addresses and professional contact information of their respective Section members and communication with the Section members via email subject to the following policies and procedures.

  1. LACBA will update its online privacy policy and related communications to reflect that it may share the name, email addresses and professional contact information of each member of a Section with the Chair of that Section, unless the member opts out of such sharing. This policy change applies only to Section members who are based in the United States; LACBA will not share a member’s email address with a Section Chair if its records reflect that the member is based outside the United States.

  2. LACBA will email all existing members with four calendar weeks’ notice of this policy change and their right to opt-out of email sharing.LACBA will also communicate this policy change via other LACBA communications such as “LACBA This Week” and “e-Briefs.”If a member opts out of sharing, LACBA will provide the Section Chair with only the member’s name and State Bar number.

  3. During the four-week notice period, any member may opt out of email sharing by giving written notice to LACBA of its election. After the initial four-week notice period, any member may opt-out of the email-sharing policy by providing written notice to both LACBA at and the Section Chair of the member’s election. Each Section Chair so notified will promptly remove the member’s email addresses from its records.

  4. LACBA will inform each member at the time of this policy change and upon new member sign-up that such member will be solely responsible for communicating to both LACBA and the Chair(s) of the Section(s) to which the member belongs any change in the member’s email address.Once each quarter, LACBA will provide Section Chairs with an updated list of Section members and their contact information.

  5. Each Section Chair that elects to receive members’ email addresses and other contact information from LACBA must agree in writing to:

    1. Protect the confidentiality of the Section members’ email addresses with the same care as it uses to protect the e-mail addresses of clients and use them only for LACBA Section-related emails or for other matters that could benefit members of the Section (e.g., an industry networking event or a new case impacting the industry).

    2. At the end of its term, or upon resignation or other removal, as Section Chair, delete all Section membership information provided by LACBA from its own records, wherever maintained and however stored.

    3. Be solely responsible for compliance with any applicable legal obligations and other legal or industry standard practices relevant to the emails it sends to its Section members. General guidelines on CAN-SPAM compliance are provided by the Federal Trade Commission on its website, here: Such email addresses shall in no event be used in a manner which would undermine the status of LACBA as a tax-exempt organization under applicable California and federal law. Section Chairs are advised to consult their own counsel if they have questions regarding legal compliance. LACBA will not provide Section Chairs with legal advice.

    4. Handle technical challenges such as removal from law firm email blacklists, which are often operated by third-party vendors.

    5. Conduct email activity in a reasonable manner and in accordance with these policies.

    6. Include LACBA’s Section Contacts Admin at as a recipient of each email sent to Section members.