Amending Section Bylaws Protocol



Section Executive Committee:

  • Check version - use most recent section bylaws.

  • Review section bylaws provisions as to amendment of bylaws.

  • Review the LACBA Bylaws to avoid conflicting provisions; contact LACBA’s Director of Administration with any questions.

  • Redline proposed amendments (strikeout existing language, underline new language).

  • Prepare brief (no more than1-2 page) summary of changes and reasons for changes, addressed to the LACBA Executive Director.

  • Provide redlined bylaws and summary memo to the Executive Director (with a copy to the Director of Administration) and (based on feedback from Staff) make revisions as needed prior to Section Ex Com’s vote.

  • Vote by Section Executive Committee on submission of proposed amended bylaws (for LACBA Board of Trustees approval).

  • Appearance by Section contact person (Chairperson or his/her designee) in-person or virtually at Executive Committee and/or Board of Trustees meetings at which proposed amended bylaws are scheduled to be reviewed and discussed.

  • Following final approval by the Board of Trustees, provide updated and dated (Board approved date) section bylaws electronically (in Word format) to the Director of Administration and to the Meeting and Event Specialist assigned to the Section.

Director of Administration:

  • Communicate with Section contact as to whether any revisions need to be made to proposed amendments prior to scheduling amended bylaws for Executive Committee or Board of Trustees meetings.

  • Advise Executive Coordinator when the proposed amended bylaws are ready to be scheduled for Executive Committee or Board of Trustees meetings to seek their review and approval.