Use Policy re Copyrighted Materials, Trademarks and Likenesses

Adopted by the Board of Trustees May 23, 2018

No articles, videos or other materials under copyright or displaying personal likenesses or trademarks (collectively, “intellectual property” or “IP rights”) should be distributed in connection with LACBA business (including volunteer work for LACBA’s committees, sections or board) without taking these steps ‐‐ this policy applies to LACBA volunteers as well as staff:

  1. Always consider utilizing a “link” to material, where it is available on the internet, rather than attaching the material itself. Check to see if there is a web “link” to the material on the internet, and use the corresponding link in your message. Many articles, images, etc. are available both in hard copy and on the internet. This is LACBA’s preferred method of sending any material by email or posting.


  2. If no “link” is available to the material you want to circulate, or if the material is a PDF, other electronic file or hard copy, you must:


    Check to see if the “Source” of the materials (i.e. media outlet, etc.) is listed on our “Media Outlet Policy” (“MOP”).   If it is, take all necessary steps to meet the described IP rights requirements provided by that Source (such as naming the source, etc.).  If they are not listed on the MOP, see item 3 below.

  3. If the Source is not on the MOP, and you have not recently reviewed that Source’s distribution requirements with the LACBA Marketing Department, you must contact Marketing for prior approval to distribute, in order to avoid possible claims for intellectual property infringement. Marketing will attempt to contact the Source and determine its requirements for distribution of the materials. If you believe you have the IP rights holder’s written permission for the proposed distribution, please include such information when you contact Marketing.

Should you have any questions about the policy, or would like permission to distribute coverage, please contact Marketing at        



Each media outlet has a different copyright policy, as do other copyright holders.  As the largest voluntary metropolitan bar association in the country, any type of copyright infringement is unacceptable to LACBA.

If you are unsure of a copyright holder’s policies, Marketing will attempt to contact the copyright holder to determine its policy, and whether or not there is a cost involved in obtaining written approval to distribute the material.  Based on that information, Marketing will approve or deny the request to distribute.  If you have concerns about the response concerning a particular distribution request, you may always contact LACBA’s Director of Administration at  

Regarding step 2 or 3 above, if there is a published article that you would like to bring to the attention of your colleagues, Section members or other LACBA audience, you can notify them without sending the actual article, by using this type of notification:

Dear [insert name]:

I thought you would be interested in reading an article, [insert article headline] which ran in today’s [or insert date] of the [insert the outlet’s name]. The coverage is about [include a short description of the coverage or story]. 



Thank you for your attention to this important LACBA policy.