Legislative Guidelines


Adopted by the Board of Trustees
October 13, 1982


 1. The Trustees should address at least the following categories of legislation:

a. Issues of general significance to lawyers.  Such issues would include matters relating to courts and judges, matters which affect the legal profession economically or in the practice of law, matters which affect the delivery of legal services, and matters relating to the administration of justice.

b. Issues of significance to a segment of the bar and involving more than merely technical legal matters.

c. Issues of significance to the public as to which lawyers have special expertise or responsibility.

2. The Trustees should consider the following two factors, neither or both of which should necessarily act as a bar to the Association’s taking a position:

a. Substantial division within the Association membership on the issue addressed. 

b. Prior conflicting Association views on this or related issues.

3. The Trustees should determine whether the matter is of such a nature that it should be referred for action to a section or committee in its own name.

4. Consideration should be given to utilizing a legislative advocate on an ad hoc basis when the Association sponsors a bill or when a pending measure is of such importance to the Association or its members that the use of a lobbyist is warranted.