Endorsements Positions of Individuals as to Candidates to Elected or Appointed Offices Being Evaluated by LACBA



Amended May 23, 2018


(Amends policy adopted April 25, 1990; replaces Resolution adopted October 13, 1976, which replaced Resolution adopted April 18, 1973, which replaced Resolution adopted April 28, 1937, as amended August 19, 1959, and October 28, 1959.)


    RESOLVED that the Association shall not take any position endorsing, sponsoring, censoring, reproving or otherwise supporting or opposing any candidate for election or appointment to any office which may be the subject of evaluation by the Association, nor shall any officers or trustees of the Association take such a position in their capacity as officers, trustees, or otherwise as representatives of the Association, except as follows:

  1. with respect to evaluations by the Association of candidates for election, appointment or nomination to a particular public office, the results of the evaluation may be disseminated in accordance with the rules of procedure governing the evaluation by the evaluation committee; and


    RESOLVED FURTHER that nothing in this resolution shall be construed to prohibit any officer or trustee, acting in his or her capacity as a duly authorized representative of any other organization, from expressing the position of that organization, nor shall this resolution be construed to prohibit any officer or trustee from expressing his or her individual opinions, so long as the officer or trustee makes clear that the views expressed are not those of the Association and not made in his or her capacity as an officer, trustee or other representative of the Association.

    RESOLVED FURTHER that if an officer or member of the Board of Trustees of the Association becomes a candidate for election to a public office for which the Association conducts an evaluation of candidates during his or her term of office, the evaluation committee responsible for evaluating that office shall not conduct an evaluation of any of the candidates for that particular office.