Code of Civility Guidelines


As Amended by the Board of Trustees May 23, 2018

The freedom to express one’s views is a cornerstone of the community and diversity of LACBA members. LACBA welcomes the diverse views and opinions of its members as they relate to the issues before our organization, committees, sections, governing boards and other working groups. In order for these discussions to be meaningful and effective, and to uphold LACBA’s proud tradition of respectful discourse for over 140 years, we must treat each other with courtesy, respect, dignity and professional integrity.

Therefore, as a condition of membership, each member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (“LACBA”) agrees to abide by the following Code of Civility to ensure that all LACBA activities, particularly those with, between and among LACBA volunteers, members and staff, are conducted in a respectful and courteous manner, and in a way that will generate respect and credibility for LACBA and each of its members and staff.

The following Code of Civility applies to all types of communication with, between and among LACBA volunteers, members and staff, including without limitation statements at in person meetings, telephone conversations, letters, public statements (oral and in writing), email and all types of other electronic (listserve and social media) communications.

  1. I will conduct myself in a professional and civil manner at all times when engaged in any and all LACBA matters, including treating each member of LACBA, its staff and members of the public with respect.
  2. I will commit to communicate my ideas and points of view clearly, and allow others to do the same without interruption. I pledge to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.
  3. I will seek to present information truthfully, and will not knowingly misrepresent, mischaracterize, or misquote information in seeking to advance any point of view.
  4. Even in the face of disagreement or differences of opinion, I will demonstrate esteem and deference for LACBA colleagues, staff and the public. I will not use language that is rude, demeaning, insulting, hostile, threatening or slanderous. I acknowledge and agree that derogatory language about an individual’s age, physical appearance, intelligence, motivations, ethnicity, race, sexuality, sexual orientation or religion is not acceptable.
  5. I will take responsibility for my own actions, and will work to fulfill my role and responsibilities as a member and volunteer of LACBA as specified by this Code of Civility.
  6. When acting as a volunteer leader in LACBA activities, I will promote and enforce a safe meeting environment at all times. While engaging in LACBA matters, if someone becomes disrespectful, insulting, disruptive or otherwise violates this Code of Civility, I will join my fellow LACBA members in encouraging the person to act in a respectful and professional manner, even if I agree with the point of view that is being expressed.
  7. As a volunteer engaged in LACBA activities, I will make every effort to put the interests of the LACBA organization ahead of my own personal interests.
  8. As an officer of the court, I will strive to conduct myself at all times with dignity, courtesy, and integrity.

LACBA shall have the right to investigate any alleged violation of this Code of Civility, and in its sole and absolute discretion (i) determine whether any violation of this Code has occurred, and (ii) take action, through the Executive Committee of its Board of Trustees, as it deems necessary to enforce this Code, including but not limited to (a) removal from any and all leadership positions at LACBA, including boards, sections and committees, and/or (b) termination of all membership status and rights in or related to LACBA.