Donation Guidelines


Adopted by the Executive Committee November 12, 2012

A. It is generally accepted that unless the Board of Trustees or its Executive Committee has approved a relationship or partnership between the Los Angeles County Bar Association (“LACBA”) and another organization that may include the contribution of LACBA funds,1 donations to outside or third party organizations of any type are not among the business purposes of LACBA as a whole, its sections or committees.

B. It is understood that within its business purposes, LACBA may find it in the best interests of its operations to make a donation of funds to an outside or third party organization.2  If LACBA wishes to, or section or committee leadership recommends a donation of funds by LACBA, the following guidelines apply:

1. All requested donations shall be presented in writing for approval/disapproval to the LACBA Executive Committee.

2. All requests to the Executive Committee should be made no less than 30 days prior to the projected donation time.

3. Requests to the Executive Committee should clearly state how the proposed donation advances the business purposes of LACBA, the section, or committee making the request.

4. In reviewing requests for donations, the Executive Committee should consider whether LACBA is projecting a deficit based on current operations.

5. Any approval by the Executive Committee of a donation request is a one-time contribution, and subject to full review if re-presented to the Executive Committee in a subsequent year/timeframe. All donation requests will be considered and approvals/disapprovals will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


1Examples are LACBA’s partnerships with Public Counsel and the Los Angeles Law Library.
2Examples might be to a law school or other non-profit that provides free meeting space, or to a non-profit legal services organization.