Strategic Plan


Board of Trustees Adopted June 24, 2020


Starting in October 2019, LACBA President, Ronald F. Brot, directed the preparation of a Strategic Plan for the organization with a 3 to 5-year horizon.  The effort was led by President-Elect Tamie Jensen, who chaired the Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) that included Hon. Mary House (Ret.), Ed Somers (finance committee), Stan Bissey (E.D.), LaVonne Lawson (Past President BHBA), David Gurnick (Part President SFVBA), Brad Pauley (Senior Vice President LACBA), Pat Kelly (Past President LACBA and California State Bar), Jason Parnell (CFJ Board Member); John Carson (Past President LACBA).

The SPC held five in-person meetings from August 2019 to January 2020 and also communicated between meetings.  To guide the formulation of this Strategic Plan the SPC identified and articulated the foundational principals of LACBA, which are expressed in its Mission Statement, Value Statement, and Vision Statement.



The mission of LACBA is to promote and support excellence in the practice of law.


We work to serve as a resource for lawyers and the legal community, improve the legal system, promote access to justice and the rule of law, provide continuing legal education, support pro bono legal services and represent the professional interests of our members.


LACBA envisions being the leading organization of lawyers in Los Angeles County and the State of California with a stable and growing membership, a sound fiscal structure, creative programing, and effective advocacy for lawyers, the rule of law, and for access to justice. 


The Strategic Plan’s primary purposes are to (1) stabilize and expand our membership; (2) improve  the organization’s fundraising and development capabilities; (3) elevate and enhance LACBA’s public image; (4) foster a commitment to deliver the highest quality services to members and to the public; (5) support efforts of the Counsel for Justice (CFJ) to become financially independent and improve and grow CFJ’s fundraising and development capabilities; and (6) make LACBA a leader in support for the legal profession, the rule of law and access to justice.

To achieve these purposes, LACBA should commit to achieving the following Major Goals:


1.         Implement the recommendations of the Membership Task Force Report & Recommendations of October 2, 2019.

2.         Broaden development and funding sources.

3.         Implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Stability and Sustainability report as modified and recommended by the LACBA Finance Committee.

4.         Elevate and enhance LACBA’s public image.

5.         Position LACBA as a leader in support of the legal profession, access to justice and the rule of law.

6.         Support diversity as a core value.

7.         Further strengthen CFJ for long term viability and success.

Specific prescriptions for action to achieve the Major Goals are stated in the Implementation roadmap.