Board of Trustees and Governance Policy Manual


The purpose of this policy manual is to provide governing LACBA policies and other organizational information to the Board of Trustees and the public. This manual is designed to be used electronically. Updates and additional policies and information will be added to this page as they become available.

Questions or suggestions regarding manual content can be sent to Jazmine Ramirez, Executive Coordinator, at

    1. Organizational Structure

      1.1. Articles of Incorporation

      1.2. Amended & Restated LACBA Bylaws as amended December 15, 2021

      1.3. Annual Report 2020-21


    2. Board of Trustees

      2.1. Board of Trustees (includes the Executive Committee)

      2.2. Board of Trustees Meetings Schedule

      2.3. Board Member Responsibilities

      2.4. Conflict of Interest Policy and Certification

      2.5. Robert’s Rules of Order

      2.6. Executive Session

      2.7. Press at Trustees’ Meetings

      2.8. LACBA Strategic Plan


    3. Financials

      3.1. Audit Committee

      3.2. Audit Committee Charter

      3.3. Finance Committee

      3.4. Finance Committee Charter

      3.5. LACBA Investment Policy

      3.6. Donation Guidelines

      3.7. Review of Financial Statements for Year Ended December 31, 2020

      3.8.  2020 IRS Form 990

    4. Organizational Policies

      4.1. Code of Civility Guidelines

      4.2. Copyrighted Materials – Reprint and Circulation Policy

      4.3  Privacy Policy Statement

      4.4. Endorsements:  Positions of Individuals as to Candidates to Elected
             or Appointed Offices Being Evaluated by LACBA      

      4.5  Support of Candidates for Election to a Position Within an Organized Bar

      4.6. Purview Limitations

      4.7. Legislative Guidelines


    5. Sections and Committees

      5.1. Policy on Public Statements by Committees and Sections

      5.2  Legislative Activities

      5.3. Certificates of Appreciation Policy

      5.4. Listserve Guidelines

      5.5. Video Policy and Agreement

      5.6.  Sections
              Section Bylaws and other section guidelines are available on the LACBA website.

                5.6.1.  Sections 

                5.6.2.  Section Procedures

                5.6.3. Sections E-Mail Policy

                5.6.4. Amending Section Bylaws Protocol          

            5.7. Committees
               Committee Guidelines, if applicable, are available on the LACBA website.

                5.7.1. Committees


    6. Affiliate/Affinity Associations

      6.1. Affiliate/Affinity Associations 

      6.2. Application for Affiliation

    7. Internal Organizational Teams

      7.2. Staff Contact

      7.3. Policy on Gifts to LACBA Staff

    LACBA Counsel for Justice (CFJ), a 501(c)(3) organization, is the charitable arm of LACBA. For information on CFJ’s organizational structure, visit CFJ’s Governance and CFJ’s Board of Directors.