Thank You to our Affiliated Bar Associations


Affiliate and other local bar associations united at LACBA’s Summit on Outreach and Collaboration held January 22, 2019. Our goal is to build on existing relationships, forge new ones and find ways to support and collaborate for the benefit of all.

Our Affiliates enjoy the following benefits.

Interested in becoming an Affiliate? Here’s how:

1. Association is based in the County of Los Angeles;

2. Association is dedicated to legal matters generally without limitation to a particular branch of law (may be waived by the Board);

3. Association has been in existence for three or more years immediately prior to applying;

4. Association has a total membership of at least 50 for two years immediately prior to the application and continues to maintain a total membership of at least 50 throughout the course of its affiliation with LACBA;

5. And,

a. For associations with more than 1,000 but less than 2,000 members, at least 250     members are members-in-common with LACBA;

b. For associations with more than 2,000, at least 500 members are members-in-common with LACBA; or

c. For associations with 1,000 or fewer members, at least 25% or 100 (whichever is less) of its members are members of LACBA.

Ready to apply?

Please email our Executive Director, Stan Bissey, at and provide the following:

  1. State that your association qualifies.
  2. Excel lists of your members for the current and the immediate prior year (please include the full names, State Bar numbers, and email addresses of attorney members and full contact information for non-attorney members (if applicable)).

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions. Contact Vanessa Villagomez at (213) 896-6425 or