LACBA Affiliate and Affinity Bar Homeless Service Initiative   


The Los Angeles County Bar Association Homeless Service Initiative, in conjunction with its Affiliate and Affinity Bar Associations, will provide a unique opportunity to connect the leaders of local bar associations, other legal organizations, state and local government officials, the judiciary and the press to address the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles.  The kick-off event once SIP orders are lifted will be a one-day Homeless Summit, with a morning session providing direct services to the homeless community, and an afternoon political session addressing ongoing programs and solutions.  

The focus is to co-opt the legislative and local government efforts, along with successful programs already in place, to create a robust forum where we can share and highlight effective programs and plans for the future, The model for this program envisions the involvement of the most important and influential leaders involved in tackling the homelessness issues in Los Angeles from the Governor and Mayor’s offices, to other state and local politicians, to the many legal clinics, and judges and court personnel who have been successful in supporting, diverting and rehabilitating our neighbors in the homeless community. 

The goal is to bring all of these resources together to share, facilitate and coordinate the many homeless programs and to seek a harmonious and uniform concept to assist our homeless community in Los Angeles County now and into the future.  


Julia Birkel (Trustee, LACBA) Bio

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