Philip H. Lam Diversity Impact Award

Nomination Submission Deadline is February 9, 2022.

The Diversity Impact Award was established in 2018 to recognize those who have tirelessly sought to increase diversity and inclusion in the practice of law and inspire others to do the same. In 2021, by resolution of the LACBA Board of Trustees, it was renamed as the Philip H. Lam Diversity Impact Award.

Nominee Requirements

The Award is given to an individual, bench officer, government legal office, public-interest law organization, law firm, corporation, or other legal service organization for his/her/its long and distinguished history of increasing inclusion and diversity in the practice of law.

Recipients of the Award shall possess a demonstrable and extensive record of accomplishment effectuating diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, including but not limited to:

  • Nurturing, mentoring and/or promoting to leadership positions attorneys;
  • Bench officers and/or other legal professionals of diverse background; or
  • Of socio-economically disadvantaged upbringing; and/or
  • Opening doors to students of diverse background or of socio-economically disadvantaged upbringing desirous of entering the honorable profession of law.

Such accomplishments may include those made while representing clients as well as those made as an author, educator, administrator, public policy advocate, government or non-profit employee, elected or appointed official, bar leader, community leader, or in some other non-judicial capacity.

Individuals eligible for nomination must be living, have not previously received the Award and either:

  • Active or retired judicial officers, or attorneys licensed to practice law or retired from the practice of law, whose principal work location (or, if the individual is retired, principal residence) is in Los Angeles County; or
  • Have met the foregoing criteria during the two years immediately prior to the Award Committee’s first meeting, but have since relocated, joined the bench, or otherwise changed positions. 

Philip H. Lam Diversity Impact Award Criteria

History of Award Recipients

Nominee Submissions

We accept nominations from LACBA members only. To submit your nomination, please visit our Award Nomination Page.