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Help the Bar Foundation When You Shop at Ralphs Supermarkets

Current participants must re-register with community contribution program (no carry-over from year to year).

The Los Angeles County Bar Foundation is registered with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program, sponsored by Ralphs supermarkets. Through this program, Ralphs contributes back a percentage of your household’s monthly purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. The program runs from September 1 through August 31 each year, and participants must re-register their cards each year even if they have previously registered for the program. If you have not yet re-registered, please do so now.

Recently, there has been a major change to the program.  The Ralphs Club Card has been discontinued and has been replaced with the new Ralphs Rewards Card, which can be picked up at any Ralphs store when you check out.  After you have obtained this new card, you can sign up for or re-register for the Community Contribution Program online by following the instructions below.

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign Up in the Participant Box.
  • Enter the Foundation’s Non-Profit Organization number (83761), your card number (found on the back of the card under the bar code), and your name and address.
  • Upon completion of this procedure, you should get a confirmation page indicating that your registration was successful.

If you have already registered with another organization but want to change it to LACBF, just re-register your card using LACBF’s NPO number. If you have lost your card, you can call (800) 660-9003 to get your card number.

Once you have registered the Foundation as your charity of choice, each time you swipe your Ralphs Rewards Card at check-out, you will help LACBF earn a rebate. Most purchases qualify except those for alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, postage stamps, gift cards, gift certificates, lottery and promotional tickets, fluid milk and milk products, fuel, CRV, and sales tax. The earned rebate percentage ranges from one to four percent based on a sliding scale of the amount spent by your household per month. Ralphs sends a quarterly check to each registered charity based on the expenditures made by the participants.

For more information about the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation or registering for this program, contact Linda Stude, foundation administrator, at (213) 896-6409 or

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