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“Search This Site” Helps You Find Exactly What You Need at

Pressed for time, you need to find a recent Gimme 5 article on non-compete agreements in California. How do you find it on LACBA’s Web site in a hurry?

Use the Search This Site tool in the upper right-hand corner of any Web page on Just type in phrases that precisely describe what you need such as—gimme 5 non-compete agreements—and then click on the Go button.

Search This Site displays a list of links resulting from your query. These items are ordered by relevance. In this example, a link to the actual article tops the list. The second link on the list takes you to the electronic publication’s table of contents where the article first appeared. The final link takes you to a list of past Gimme 5 articles, including a link to the one on non-compete agreements. 

This search tool can help you find a needle in the haystack. You might vaguely remember having read an article in Los Angeles Lawyer about how copyright protection applies to Internet content. If you only type the phrase—Internet copyright—into Search This Site, you’ll obtain more than 250 links, and the actual article you seek ranks somewhere within the many results pages.

However, to make your search precise, you can click on the Advanced Search function at the top of your results page. Advanced Search enables you to add more criteria to narrow the search. In this example, you might happen to remember a phrase used in the article—user generated content—that you can add to the search form. This added criterion brings up the exact Los Angeles Lawyer article at the top of a very short results list, eliminating the need to look through several links to find that needle.

The LACBA Web site has more than 9,000 pages of useful information. Search This Site empowers you to find exactly what you want instantly.

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