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En Banc—LACBA’s New Blog—Features Legal News, Tips, and Commentary from a Los Angeles Perspective

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En Banc—LACBA's new interactive group blog by and for lawyers—is a growing online community of contributors who, like many of you, are practicing attorneys in the Los Angeles area. 

En Banc features opinionated, civil coverage of legal news, tips, and decisions as well as news with a local focus, becoming the blog of choice for lawyers in Los Angeles and throughout California.

The En Banc community provides the online technology and tools to disseminate legal information to both experienced lawyers and new attorneys (as well as law students, legal researchers, and legal commentators). Some themes will include:

  • Cases, decisions, verdicts, and settlements.
  • Developments in practice areas.
  • Practice tips and tricks.
  • Courthouse news and information plus local news and politics.

En Banc has recently featured:

  • Dean Hansell on how the Los Angeles Superior Court has applied the First Amendment to blogs and California's anti-SLAPP statute.
  • Michael A. Geibelson on Edwards v. Andersen (employment law).
  • R.J. Comer on multitasking (he’s against it) and on Judge Alex Kozinski’s “explicit material” problem.
  • Andrew Williams on what options remain after summary judgment.
  • Benjamin Shatz on Justice Alito’s recent visit to Pepperdine University.
  • Dominique R. Shelton on online behavioral advertising.
  • Ed McPherson on the Talent Agencies Act.

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Want to become a contributor? Other questions? Send e-mails to or call Eric Howard at (213) 896-6456. 

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