June/July 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 6 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

New and Different Law Practices: Roundtable Mentoring Sessions with Senior Lawyers

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Receive valuable insight and feedback from senior lawyers through interactive and informative roundtable mentoring sessions. Attendees will have an opportunity to select their preferred table topic and interact with judges and experienced attorneys who can share best practices, offer new ideas, and provide expert advice. 

Each roundtable features a judge or senior lawyer as the moderator who will briefly introduce the area of law and provide an outline of the format and objectives for the session. Lively conversations and networking opportunities will revolve around the several topics that may include:

Dealing with difficult and/or abusive opposing counsel and judges.

Navigating through office politics: The realities of being a team player and when to fight or when to fold.

Getting noticed in a positive way.

Rainmaking and becoming invaluable to your clients.

Working with older clients and attorneys.

Non-partner options.

Firms vs. in-house legal departments.

Starting out on your own.

Moderators include Hugh I. Biele; Hon. Richard P. Byrne; Ernestine Fields; Harry L. Hathaway, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP; Charles E. Michaels, LAACO Ltd.; David J. Pasternak, Pasternak Pasternak & Patton; Patricia Phillips, Phillips Jessner LLP; and William L. Tan, Tan & Sakiyama.

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