June/July 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 6 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Public Service Projects to Benefit from Installation Fundraiser

Proceeds from the Association’s June 26 Installation Dinner will benefit a number of projects including Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation of the Association that has fostered alternative dispute and conflict resolution in Los Angeles County through affordable, accessible community mediation services and youth peer mediation and conflict resolution education programs. Its school-based peer mediation and conflict resolution services are recognized locally and nationally for excellence and as models in the field.

Funds raised help DRS assist thousands of people each year to peacefully resolve neighborhood, business, interpersonal, community, and property disputes by using mediation and other cooperative problem-solving techniques.

LACBA Projects, Inc. Proceeds from the dinner also will benefit LACBA Projects, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation that comprises three legal services projects:

Immigration Legal Assistance Project. The Immigration Legal Assistance Project provides immediate counseling services for low-income persons needing legal advice for their immigration problems. The project assists approximately 7,000 persons annually.

The project functions as a training facility for its attorneys, law students, and volunteers, providing interviewing skills and the basic concepts of immigration law and policy. It also acts as a referral service for problems requiring detailed research and legal representation.

Domestic Violence Project. The Domestic Violence Legal Services Project, through its attorney volunteers, provides quality legal services and counseling to domestic violence victims and their children, enabling them to obtain temporary and permanent restraining orders.

Clients receive preparatory help in anticipation of their return to court on their hearing dates to obtain permanent restraining orders. Volunteers help people appearing in pro per with the completion of necessary forms; no ongoing legal assistance is provided. 

The project operates in the Downtown and Pasadena Districts of Los Angeles Superior Court. Last year alone, the project assisted nearly 6,000 clients.

Barristers AIDS Legal Services Project. Since 1986, the Barristers AIDS Legal Services Project has provided pro bono legal assistance to low-income persons living with HIV and AIDS who have a legal problem related to their illness. Beginning in 1997, the project staff has worked collaboratively with the HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance, Inc. (HALSA) to coordinate all pro bono efforts, helping improve the overall delivery of HIV legal services throughout Los Angeles County.

HALSA provides direct legal representation or other assistance on approximately 2,500 matters annually. Every year, the pro bono attorney panel, law students, paralegals, and legal secretaries volunteer nearly 5,000 hours, worth a total of $750,000 in donated legal services coordinated by the project.

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