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Internship and Pro Bono Opportunities

The AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP) has directed its resources to assisting low-income people living with HIV disease almost from the very beginning of the HIV epidemic. Since it was founded in 1986 by the LACBA Barristers, the Project has provided direct one-on-one pro bono legal representation to thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS who have an HIV related legal problem. The scope of services includes immigration, guardianships, discrimination, public and private benefits, debtor relief and bankruptcy, simple estate planning, and housing.

To volunteer, submit a cover letter and resume to Laurie Aronoff, laronoff@lacba.org. There is a minimum eight hour a week commitment for ten weeks.There is a minimum eight hour a week commitment for ten weeks.

Provides legal services to those seeking information on political asylums, green cards, work permits, family petitions, citizenship, and much more…

The Immigration Legal Assistance Project welcomes student "interns" throughout the year. It is preferable that you complete a class in immigration law. However, it is not mandatory. If interested in an internship then contact the student advisor at your law school or Mary Mucha at
marymucha@aol.com. Your request should include the date, units, and hours you need to complete the internship. Your request should include the date, units, and hours you need to complete the internship. Interning at the Immigration Legal Assistance Project will give you a taste of immigration law and experience in counseling and interviewing of low income clients from all over the world. It will also allow you to help the "homeless" community. We work with many social service agencies to help the "homeless" get back on their feet by securing replacement of their immigration documents.

For 25 years, DVP has been helping victims of abuse navigate the legal system at a critical time in their life; primarily through preparing temporary restraining order requests, providing Judicial Preparation Hearings, and access to pro bono attorneys for Court representation.

Law student volunteers help victims of domestic violence prepare the paperwork to petition for a temporary restraining order. Volunteers will work directly and personally with the victims. Requirements: two sessions per month for a complete semester. A session is Monday-Friday, for either the AM (9-noon), or PM (1:30-4:00) sessions. Session attendance must be consistent. For example, every other Thursday morning, or the first Monday of the month in the afternoon, and the second Friday of the month in the morning. English and computer literacy are required. Dress must be casual professional, no jeans or sandals. This is not a "paid" opportunity. All participants will serve on a pro bono basis. Volunteers will be trained on site.

For further information, law school students should contact the LACBA Domestic Violence Project Volunteer Coordinator, Sara Rondon by sending email to srondon@lacba.org.

The Center for Civic Mediation promotes a more harmonious and civil Los Angeles by teaching, inspiring and helping people find constructive ways to manage conflict in community and school settings. Through its Youth Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution Education programs, the Center provides early intervention, violence prevention services that promote safer schools and neighborhoods.  These programs train hundreds of students annually to be peer mediators, provide conflict resolution skills training to students, parents and teachers, and deliver mediation services to student and adults on campus.  Students learn and practice concrete, positive skills as alternatives to verbal and physical violence as means to addressing conflict.

Intern Opportunities
The Center for Civic Mediation offers internships in both its Community and Youth Services Programs.  Interns have the opportunity to get involved in one or more focus areas: case management, program development and community outreach initiatives. Interns and Center staff develop a written agreement outlining jointly developed goals and description of responsibilities and/or projects that the student will be responsible for during the internship period.  Interns must complete an agreed upon number of hours as negotiated by the student's home institution and the Center (typically a minimum of 100 hours).

LACBA Attorney-Client Mediation and Arbitration Services (ACMAS)
LACBA operates the largest attorney-client fee dispute program of its type in the State of California pursuant to Business & Professions Code Section 6200 et seq.
Under supervision of the ACMAS Director, the intern performs all case administration activities on attorney-client fee dispute arbitration and mediation cases. Duties: Work is predominantly arbitration case administration. Duties may include opening and processing case files, determination of proper amount of fees and processing of filing fees, case communication with parties and arbitrator, assignment of arbitrators and scheduling of arbitration hearings, ensuring that program documentation is complete, and answering inquiries of parties, arbitrators, and the general public on arbitration and mediation rules and procedures.

For further information, law school students should contact Andrea Martin, Community Mediation Program Coordinator at amartin@centerforcivicmediation.org.