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New Member Benefit: Lawdex Secure Document Exchange (SDX) for Client Privacy

Visit Lawdex.

For LACBA members, the monthly subscription is $35 for unlimited secure correspondence, a 22 percent discount from the standard $45 rate. Participate in a three-month trial available free through LACBA to all California attorneys (and out-of-state LACBA members). Additionally, court filing, personal service, subpoenas, and court record retrieval services are all available at competitive rates. Free trial available through July 31, 2008. For more information, visit

Faster and more secure than e-mail, Lawdex SDX allows law firms to send and track all their correspondence over the Web, including court filings, personal service, copy to opposing counsel, records requests, photos, exhibits, and medical and financial data.

Lawdex SDX allows your firm to issue nearly all its legal correspondence securely online. From the Lawdex site, your practice can:

  • File with any state or municipal court in California.
  • Retrieve court records from any nonfederal court in the United States.
  • Serve papers on any corporation or individual in the United States.
  • Correspond electronically with all parties involved in a case, documenting when they received and opened their correspondence.
  • Know “who” saw what “when.”

Maintain attorney privilege while corresponding over the Internet. Correspond through SDX with opposing counsel and all parties and nonparties to a case. Documents never move over e-mail. Instead, e-mail notices bring recipients to view documents securely inside an SDX lockbox. The system captures the ID of recipients, plus the time and date documents are opened. Hundreds of parties can be notified at one time. All correspondence can be rapidly opened, searched, tracked, archived, or associated by case or reference number.

Meet ABA best practices. The Lawdex service, designed for lawyers and law firms, is built to help meet deadlines—to take less time than paper, not more. It also helps meet security compliance through HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, ABA best practices, and state privacy acts. Lawdex is meeting with strong review among legal scholars and professionals teaching practice management and mandatory continuing legal education.

File or serve documents over the Web. Lawdex has partnered with a network of highly accredited attorney service firms. You choose which firm. The firm you choose receives, prints, files, or serves the documents you send. They upload your proof or court-stamped copy for your immediate review. These carefully selected professionals can be reached by phone the moment you need them.

Retrieve case records from any state court over the Web. Lawdex partners with a network of accredited attorney service firms that you can choose from. After the firms receive your retrieval request, they go to the court, photocopy the records, and upload the court records for your immediate review. 

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