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●   Volume I, Number 1   ●   February 2008  ●    Archives of Past Issues   


     On behalf of the Family Law Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, I am pleased to announce that the Los Angeles County Bar’s Family Law News and Review is back up and running.

     In this issue we have Judge Robert A. Schnider and Judge Marjorie Steinberg giving their perspective on Department 2. We also have articles from Garrett C. Dailey, Esq., CFLS, giving an update on case and statutory law, Commissioner Richard A. Curtis, on Child Support and Attorney’s Fees,  and Thomas P. Dunlap, Esq., Certified Appellate Law Specialist, on Minor’s Counsel.

     Debra S. Frank, Esq., CFLS, and Seth D. Kramer, Esq., CFLS, will serve as associate editors. The driving force behind the revival of the News and Review are Harold J. Cohn, Esq., CFLS and Lawrence E. Leone, Esq., CFLS – our Editors Emeritus. 

     The News and Review will be a quarterly web based publication, providing case and statutory update on Family Law, a perspective from Department 2 and various articles from Judicial Officers and Practitioners in the Family Law Field.

     I would like to make the News and Review as interactive as possible and take advantage of the great resources the web offers. I am always looking for articles, ideas, topics and ways to improve the News and Review. Feel free to contact me at
     Evan T. Sussman, Esq., CFLS
     Editor, News and Review
In This Issue: