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Welcome to the Senior Lawyer Website 


We Are Proud of Our Young History

During the 2009-10 bar year we will commemorate our third anniversary.  Even though our logo is the dinosaur, we are very much alive.

As your incoming chair, I would like to thank my predecessors, David Pasternak, this past year’s chair, and Patricia Phillips, our inaugural chair in 2007-08. The three of us are very proud of our accomplishments and wish to thank each and every one of our members for supporting this new and exciting L.A. County Bar experiment. We encourage your involvement and suggestions for our program activities.

In this 2009-10 year we are scheduling events on health (cancer detection, treatment and survival); your finances, mentoring, legal history in our domain of Los Angeles, and many others. We are working on a travel program for early 2010 and a social event for all members. Please stay tuned and become involved.

Finally, thank you to our dedicated staff and the 2008-09 Division officers and Council.

Harry L. Hathaway
Chair 2009-10

Senior Lawyers Section Update
Harry Hathaway, chair

The Senior Lawyers SectionExecutive Committee continues to increase in size and in sparkling ideas.  Chairing the Programs Subcommittee is Marilyn Alper, who, in her daily life, is an appellate court attorney for the Second District Court of Appeal. With input from virtually all of the Executive Committee, Marilyn is ably assisted on her subcommittee by Wilmer Pinder, former deputy city attorney, now retired. Division members with ideas for programs of special interest to our members should please contact Marilyn at (213) 830-7490.

 The Member Benefits Subcommittee is chaired by Hugh Biele, who is planning a number of activities. Paramount among these is a trip to Costa Rica, which is not yet unscheduled but will hopefully take place in 2010. Hugh can be reached at (323) 851-9501.

 Generally the meetings of the Executive Committee are regularly scheduled for Tuesday evenings.  If you have a project that you believe is appropriate for the Senior Lawyers Division, please call our staff Liaison, Gail Coleman, at (213) 896-6548. 

Membership eligibility: To be a member of the Senior Lawyers Section, you must be over age 55 or have practiced for 25 years.

Cost:  This year, there will be a small charge just as there is with all other LACBA Sections. The bar fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30 so join now to reap the benefit of our first year free membership. 

Development Committee: Our Executive Committee evolved from the development committee.  Those on the development committee in addition to our leader, Dave Pasternak were Seth Hufstedler, Joe Mandel, Harry Hathaway, Margaret Morrow, Laurie Zelon, Skip Byrne, Tony Mohr, Bernie Le Sage, Don Baker, Michael Bierman, Chuck Vogel, Edith Matthai, Pat Kelly, Larry Waddington, Steve Nissen and Pat Phillips.  A special thanks goes to Charlie Michaels, who served as President of LACBA during our incubation stage and was extremely helpful to us. 

Executive Committee: The members of the Executive Committee and their positions are Patricia Phillips, Chair; David J. Pasternak, Vice Chair; Harry Hathaway, Treasurer; Hon. Richard P. Byrne, Secretary; Steve Nissen, Pro-Bono Coordinator and Gavin Hachiya Wasserman, Barristers Liaison  Other members of the Executive Committee are Seth Hufstedler chair emeritus, Lola McAlpin-Grant, Bernie LeSage, Honorable Anthony Mohr; Charles Michaels, Donald Baker, Jill Switzer, Tom Stolpman, Joseph Mandel, John J. Quinn, Honorable Lawrence Waddington, Michael Bierman, Mark Neubauer, Mia Yamamoto, Patrick Kelly, Tom Dempsey and Honorable Victor Chavez.

We have organized the Section into the following Committees:

  • CLE/Programs, chaired by Albert Golbert;
  • Member Benefits, chaired by Hugh Biele;
  • Mentoring, chaired by the Hon. Larry Waddington;
  • Pro Bono chaired by Steve Nissen;
  • Publications;  
  • Technology/Website and
  • Transition.

The list of the participants on the committees will be posted later.  

In planning for the Section, we sent a survey to the eligible members based on year of admission to the Bar and, happily, received a material number of replies.  Based on the survey, we set up the committees.  However, things at the Senior Lawyers Section are fluid and we are open to suggestions regarding committees and projects. 

One of the significant things that we have been working on with the assistance of Sam Lipsman and the L. A. Lawyer staff is putting together a special publication devoted to matters of interest to those transitioning from an active practice or looking forward to doing so as well as other subjects of interest to older practitioners.  We look to publishing this, currently scheduled for the spring.  



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