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Charles R. English Spirit Award

Past Recipients

  • Phyllis Kupferstein, 2013
  • Robin Bernstein-Lev, 2012
  • Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, 2011
  • Mark Harvis, 2010
  • Commr. Matthew C. St. George, Jr., 2009
  • Helene J. Wasserman, 2008
  • Danette E. Meyers, 2007
  • Valerie J. Merritt, 2006
  • Herbert M. Barish, 2005
  • Marc L. Sallus, 2004
  • Lawrence F. Liebenbaum, 2003
  • Grace Midori Danziger, 2002
  • John Carson, 2001
  • Paul Wyler, Administrative Law Judge, 2000
  • Hon. Margaret M. Morrow, 1999
  • Matthew S. (Sandy) Rae, Jr., 1998
  • Charles R. English and Gerald L. Chaleff, 1997
  • John K. Van de Kamp, 1996
  • Vince Monroe Townsend, Jr. and Richard H. Keatinge (posthumously), 1995

Who was Charles R. English?

Charlie English defended hundreds of clients during a legal career that spanned 33 years, beginning with a solo legal practice and a decade with the Office of the Public Defender. Mr. English was popular with judges and prosecutors but was a firm advocate of due process guarantees. Although he defended many celebrity clients, he remained humble and generous of spirit throughout his stellar career.

Our delegation knew him best as the perennial host, along with partners Gerry Chaleff and later Paul Catalano, of the Delegation's hospitality suite, always the favorite among the hospitality suites, at every State Bar Conference through 1992. Despite the time and energy he devoted to manning the suite, Charlie always took his appointment as a Delegate very seriously, venturing often to the conference floor to vote, to negotiate with other delegations, and when it really counted, to speak for the Delegation.

In 1997, Mr. English and Mr. Chaleff were selected as co-recipients of the Spirit Award that was renamed in 1999 to honor his memory. We miss you, Charlie.